Terms and conditions


  • Tulia has full authority to change, exchange, increase or decrease the right to any part of this agreement, in whole or in part, and at any time, and any amendment to this agreement becomes effective immediately.
  • Tulia can change, suspend or stop any aspect of Tulia's content at any time, including the contents and databases it contains.
  • You can take charge of imposing limits on certain content or services, or setting conditions for your entry to the site of Tulia or any part of its parts without advertising or legal liability.
  • In the event of a dispute between the two parties regarding the implementation of what is stated in this agreement, the Turkish judiciary is competent to consider it, contrary to what is specialized in the urgent judiciary.
  • You can take control of the site’s contents, and freely dispose of the information or materials that are sent to you by you or collected during your use of the site, and the site can reveal any information in any case authorized by law.
  • When you send messages, send files, enter data, add real estate, or make any form of communication (Etisalat) (individual or group), you thereby give Tulia the full right to use these “posts” by copying, licensing, adapting, distributing, and revealing And show them to the public, recreate, inform, amend, edit and use them in order to benefit from them in every field of media known today or later developed, in a permanent, global, final, unlimited, non-exceptional, and freeway. Accordingly, it waives all rights in any claim against Tulia (tulia.com.tr) related to any breach, real or alleged, regarding any of the property rights, confidentiality and advertising rights, moral rights, and percentage rights attached to those posts. You acknowledge that these posts addressed to and from Tulia are not confidential, and from there your contacts can be viewed and read by others. You acknowledge that when you send these posts to Tulia, you are not associated with Tulia in any secret, financial, contractual, or other relationship except for the relationship that this agreement entitles you to.

Accept the terms of service:

This agreement applies between you and Tulia. Your use of the Tulia website means your acceptance of the terms of service outlined below. By using the "Tulia" site, you acknowledge that you have read the terms of service and that you have agreed to them. If you do not agree to these terms of use, you are not permitted to enter or use Tulia.

Privacy policy:

The registration data and some other information related to you are included under Tulia's privacy policy.

Membership behavior:

With regard to your use of the Tula site, you undertake and warrant not to act with any behavior that causes harm to Tulia or Tulia customers. We mention, but are not limited to the following:

  • To limit or prevent any other user from using the site and benefiting from its contents.
  • To violate the law or assume a threat, aggression, insult, insult, or obscene immoral behavior or an attack or a departure from morals and ethics.
  • Paying to conduct behavior that is considered criminal offense or encouraging it, which would lead to civil liability or any form of breaking the law.
  • To infringe on the rights of other third parties or steal or exceed these rights related to all intellectual property rights without limits, registered commercial rights, patent rights, private and public rights or any other property right.
  • The materials that you send to the site include an information virus or anything else harmful to the site.


Pursuant to this contract, you agree to compensate Tulia, defend him, and remove the damage thereof, and all that would lead to the infliction of liability and losses on the site, and all those responsible for it, its directors, owners, agents, employees, and suppliers of news, issues, branches, licensees, and licensees thereof, and in general, the “parties that are compensated” for each The accountability and losses incurred by him with respect to any claim arising from any breach of this agreement or any form of future agreements, guarantees and contracts, including all reasonable judicial expenses resulting from or related to any of the allegations. Tulia reserves the right, on his own responsibility, to bear the burden of defense and reporting on any matter that relates to your compensation, and accordingly you are not permitted in any circumstance to report on any matter without the written consent of Tulia.

Evacuation responsibility:

Tulia is obligated that all the information, content, systems, functions, materials and information provided on the site are available on the website, as they are displayed according to the maximum permissible by law Tulia, and any of its affiliates or branches, do not provide any representation or guarantees, as they relate to the content of Tulia or any of the materials, information, and functions that can be used by the information systems available on Tulia. He is not responsible for any of the products, services, or electronic links related to third parties, nor is he responsible for any breach of security related to sending sensitive information through Tulia or any of its links. Moreover, he is not given any guarantees, whether clear or implied, that relate, without exception, to non-infringement, the integrity of the terms of trade or the validity of any matter. Tulia does not guarantee that the real estate data on its website or any of its materials or contents is free from errors. Tulia also does not guarantee that such errors will be corrected, or that Tulia or the information system that works through it will be free of viruses or anything harmful. Tulia, or any of its affiliates or branches, will not be responsible for the use of Tulia, including, without exception, the content or any of the errors in it.

Full agreement:

This agreement represents a full contract between you and Tulia (tulia.com.tr), in connection with your use of Tulia. Any lawsuit, about any conduct related to your use of the assumption, must be filed within one month of submitting the objection, or from the reason for the mentioned act. And if the competent judicial court finds, for any reason, that it is not possible to implement any of the provisions of the agreement, or part of it, then this item is applied to the maximum permissible and authorized limits, so that the significance of the agreement is implemented, provided that all provisions and other provisions of the agreement remain in force and valid Effect. Tulia disclaims any liability for the content of any third-party material, available via links and links on Tulia or published by forum members.

Electronic Links:

The "Tulia" website contains links and references to other Internet sites, sources around the world, and links to official sponsors or advertisers. These links between Tulia and any other website (and vice versa), which are managed by a third party, not Tulia, or the third party, is responsible for, and does not represent, any kind of endorsement of the contents of those websites, and Tulia is not responsible for the opinions, opinions, ideas, statements, and information that are presented or distributed through it, and it does not represent the viewpoint of the site . We inform you that any recourse to such opinions, advice, opinions, ideas, statements, reports and information is at your own risk. Tulia reserves the right according to his own estimates to correct any errors or defects in any part of the “Tulia” site, “Tulia” does not and cannot review all the articles published on its pages that are registered by users, visitors and members and therefore the “Tulia” site is not responsible for those Materials. The “Toulia” website in any case reserves its permanent right - and when necessary - to disclose any information that would benefit justice, public order and government requirements, as well as in checking, revising, rejecting or erasing any entire material or its parts that he finds Tula according to his own estimates, reprehensible or inconsistent With the terms of this agreement.

Real estate data:

All data displayed on the property on the site is for the personal and private use of the user, and the user's non-commercial use is not available to re-publish the data, send or copy. The user may not sell or use the data, real estate or advertisements displayed on Tulia without obtaining written approval from the Tulia Department.


He has the right to prevent or cancel the entry of any user to the site or stop dealing with any person for any reason. We mention, for example and not limited to: the use of profanity, obscene, threatening, harassment, defamation, insulting to others in any way or exposure in any way. Forms towards any employee in Tulia made worse on the site, e-mail, phone calls or messages, in writing, or in person.

Use of website content:

You can download, view, and print a copy of any other content, only for your personal and non-commercial purposes, and is subject to the laws and restrictions set forth in this agreement "Use Agreement". The name, logo, and all content appearing on the Tulia site will remain the property of the Tulia website and its licensors. Except for what is expressly permitted in this agreement, you may not use, modify or prepare derivative works based on the distribution, sale, transfer, display or any method of using the Tulia site, or any content appearing on the Tula site.

Website content:

Tulia provides / provides a variety of information and a number of tools on site to assist you. Comments and user feedback on users ’real estate information pages, are part of the Tulia website content from the site’s users who have chosen to add their comments and opinions on the Tulia site. While these comments and add-ons are available to those who wish to view them, they do not reflect the opinion of the Tulia site management and Tulia does not guarantee or support the accuracy of the data in any posting on the site's pages. Tulia users should realize that the Tulia site management does not contribute to the content mentioned in the comments and opinions published on the website pages by the site's users.

No guarantee:

Tulia disclaims any and all guarantees, including but not limited to the following:
• Any guarantees regarding the availability, accuracy and usefulness of data, or the content or access to information without interruption
• Any guarantees of names and addresses - and not infringement, by marketing for a specific purpose. This disclaimer is responsible for any damage or injury resulting from any performance failure, error, omission, interruption, omission, defect, delay in operating or sending or computer viruses, failure to communicate, theft, destruction, or unauthorized entry, Or modifications to login information with the use or operation of the service, whether for breach of contract, default behavior, negligence, or any other reason for action.